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Trial Counsel

From Arrest to Release

Justin A. Shimizu, JD, Esq. is the renowned trial attorney and visionary founder of Shimizu Defense. Proficient in both Civil Law (personal injury) and Criminal Law, he dedicates himself to criminal defense, strategically and fiercely advocating for ordinary people stuck in legal predicaments due to missteps or adversity in their lives.

Justin's approach is rooted in empathy and compassion, driven by his belief that everyone has a story worthy of attention and rights deserving of protection. His unwavering commitment to his clients' well-being extends beyond the courtroom, as he deeply cares about their families, careers, and the profound impact legal proceedings can have on their lives.


With a track record of success, Justin fearlessly champions his clients' causes, relentlessly pursuing opportunities for reduced charges, minimized sentences, and even case dismissals whenever feasible. His commitment to securing second chances underscores his dedication to each client's future and well-being.

Attorney Justin A. Shimizu, Award-Winning Trial Attorney, Criminal Defense, OC DUI Lawyer

"I find fulfillment in using my specialized knowledge to offer my clients comfort, guidance, fairness, and second chances."

Justin A. Shimizu, JD, Esq

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