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We help our clients get their lives back.

Shimizu Defense fights for our clients’ right to fair legal representation by uncovering the ordinary person behind the charges, having extensive knowledge of the California criminal court system, and drawing on over a decade of criminal prosecution and defense experience in the courtroom. We help clients return to the life God intended for them as quickly as possible.



Our attorneys review your case with a thorough understanding of the laws surrounding the charges against you. We seek to understand your story, and to use the full letter of the law to seek a full dismissal wherever possible. The law requires a heavy burden of proof from the government which is known for overcharging alleged criminals. If the government cannot meet that requirement, you must be acquitted - free to resume your life.


While working toward a full dismissal of criminal charges, our attorneys balance the facts of the case and the requirements of the law, using years of experience negotiating with District Attorneys to reduce charges to the lowest degree possible. Our attorneys care about our clients, and the how the results of your case affect your life for generations to come. We are committed to using every ethical tool and strategy available to reaching the best possible outcome for you.


We strive to get you back to living your God-intended life as quickly as possible. While we work diligently to maintain our client' innocence, some clients are faced with the due consequence of jail time. Our attorneys will have a deep understanding of your personal story to boldly and evocatively argue for your expedited rehabilitation and release. 


As our clients, we will advise you and your loved ones of the best option for fighting the pending charges. Advisement may include proactive registration for relevant classes, collection of letters of reference, and other strategic moves that will impact your standing in the courtroom.

You can expect a legal defense team committed to exploring every option to get your best possible outcome. A defense team that cares about your future fights differently. We will listen to you and be responsive. We will honor your story. Shimizu Defense attorneys know when to fight and when to persuade, and are highly skilled in formulating legal and factual arguments. We will not take the easy route, and will take your case all the way to trial if warranted.


It depends on the circumstances of your case. In general, it is wisest to consult with a lawyer as soon as you are aware charges may be filed against you to protect your rights. Prosecutors often take advantage of unrepresented citizens resulting in harsher penalties. Our attorneys can make you aware of your defense options, minimize the negative consequences, and possibly get your case dismissed. 

We generally advise our clients not to speak to law enforcement until they speak with an attorney. Even if you are promised a break for cooperating with law enforcement, it is best to be respectful and polite, but refrain from saying anything until you speak with your attorney. This includes answering even simple questions, offering any information, and agreeing to field sobriety tests. 

Many charges can be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. All charges have the possibility of being dismissed and/or amended to a less serious charge. If you want to protect your future, it is important to find an attorney you can trust as early in the process as possible. Experienced attorneys at Shimizu Defense will use every ethical strategy available to force the best outcome possible for you. If a dismissal is not possible, we will negotiate with the prosecution until our desired result is acheived, or we will take it to trial.

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